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Good News!

If you are between ages 20 and 64, and your eye exam is not covered by OHIP, you can now book directly online.

Request an Appointment

If you are under 20 or 65 and over, your eye exam is covered by OHIP, or you are diabetic, please use the form below to request an appointment.

We will reply to your request within one business day.

All seniors’, childrens’ and OHIP eye exams will end September 1st.

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The Ontario government has left optometrists with no choice.

On September 1st, optometrists will stop providing eye care to all patients covered by OHIP. 

It is illegal for optometrists in Ontario to accept private insurance or direct payment for these exams.

Therefore, there will be no exams available for children, seniors, or adults with vision-threatening conditions.

We need your help.

Let the Ontario government know that eye care matters to you. Notify your MPP by signing our online petition:
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On September 1st, Optometrists across Ontario stopped providing OHIP insured eye exams for children, seniors, and adults with OHIP covered eye conditions.
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The Ontario Association of Optometrists has entered into negotiations with the Government. As a result, job action has been postponed and we are able to resume scheduling OHIP covered eye examinations.
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