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With normal binocular vision the eyes work as a team to comfortably see a single visual image. Failure of binocular vision affects quality of life, especially the ability to learn and work effectively.

Binocular Vision (BV) is the normal ability of using two eyes with overlapping fields of view to focus each eye on a single object but creating a single visual image (binocular fusion). Good BV relies on the strength and coordination of the 6 extraocular muscles around each eye properly controlling eye movements. BV is important for developing and maintaining depth perception (stereopsis) which affects coordination and hand eye skills.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction occurs when the extraocular muscles are weak, uncoordinated and/or misaligned. It can present with symptoms such as double vision (diplopia), headache, eyestrain, reading difficulty, trouble shifting focus, intermittent blurred vision, inability to concentrate, loss of place when reading, squinting, rubbing or covering one eye. In the case of Traumatic Brain Injury symptoms may include dizziness, light sensitivity and motion sickness.


The doctors at Romeo Optometry check BV at all routine eye exams and will do a more complete BV workup on symptomatic patients. Where appropriate, patients will be referred to our Vision Therapy Clinic to see an Optometric Vision Therapist.

Vision Therapy can help restore BV with a course combining in office exercises and at home therapies.

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