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BLEPHEX uses a micro-sponge which gently rotates along the eyelid margin and eyelashes removing bacteria, toxins and dried oily secretions. Blephex treatments help to maintain healthy lid hygiene and reduce the symptoms of blepharitis.

INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (IPL) is an in office treatment used specifically for dry eyes and styes.  It has been used for many years in dermatology to treat acne rosacea, acne scarring and skin damage from the sun.  IPL uses pulses of a specific wavelength of light which generates heat to melt hardened oils that have clogged the meibomian glands and results in more oily secretions and thus reducing the symptoms of dry eye.  IPL also reduces inflammation around the eyes by targeting ocular rosacea and spider veins often seen on the eye lid margins. 

RF (RADIO FREQUENCY) is a non-invasive technology that treats the root cause of 85% of dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, using thermal heat to unclog the glands and promote the production of oils essential for a healthy tear film. RF also increases collagen which improves skin tone around the eyes minimizing fine lines and wrinkles resulting in younger looking skin. This therapy consists of 3 treatments delivered 4 weeks apart.

iLUX treatment system administers therapeutic heat to the eyelids and then expresses the oil directly from the blocked glands. Once the glands are unblocked the oil is able to flow more freely from the eye lid margin into the tears to reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS have a very important role in Dry Eye Disease but not all omega 3’s are created equal. Watch the YouTube video below to learn why.

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