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Develop  |  Maintain  |  Improve
Vision therapy is a set of activities or eye exercises individually prescribed and monitored by your Optometrist and Optometric Assistant to develop, improve and maintain visual skills such as eye movement accuracy, focusing control and coordination of the two eyes.

The vision therapy program is based on the results of a comprehensive eye examination and takes into consideration the results of standardized tests, the needs of the patient, and the patient’s signs and symptoms. The use of lenses, prisms, filters, occluders, specialized instruments, and computer programs is an integral part of vision therapy.


The length of the therapy program varies depending on the severity of the diagnosed conditions and the motivation of the patient; typically ranging from several weeks to several months. Activities supplementing the in-office techniques are typically taught to the patient to be practiced at home.

Vision therapy can be an effective treatment option for:


• Ocular motility dysfunctions (eye movement disorders)

• Binocular disorders (inefficient eye teaming)

• Strabismus (misalignment of the eyes)

• Amblyopia (poorly developed vision)

• Accommodative disorders (focusing problems)

• Visual effects of acquired brain injury (concussion)

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